Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Bronze Turkeys have landed!

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, so here you go...
These baby turkeys are crosses between bronze and white and we are growing them here at the farm for the Thanksgiving season. Antibiotic free, vegetarian fed and humanely raised, that's the Koch's Turkey Farm way.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Carolina on my mind...

This week, July 23, 24, 25 take me to the Tarheel state and the cities of Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill. Look for me in Whole Foods stores in those cities sampling the terrific Cranberry Turkey Burger from Koch's Turkey Farm.

Hey, it's only 450 miles from Tamaqua, PA, 'turkey central' and I already have plans to have lunch in Richmond, VA (with a potential customer) on the way. My hope is that Carolinians will respond in the same positive fashion that I've encountered in the mid-Atlantic states, so keep your fingers crossed for me and warm up your grill, here I come!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Philadelphia Force!

This weekends Cranberry Burger tasting takes me to the Whole Foods Market in Philadelphia's Callowhill area, not far from the Art Museum. On a very hot summer day, shoppers were in no hurry to rush through the air-conditioned store and enjoyed the many samples I handed out. One of the customers turned out the be the Philadelphia Police Commissioner, Chief Charles Ramsey (4 gold stars on his collar). I thanked the Chief for the work he and his officers do every day to protect that people of the city and asked him about an officer shot just the day before. He said the officer would be ok, but need a lot of rehab for his leg wound. I got a quik pic with the Chief and wished him and his officers well.

Tomorrow I'll be back in the store, so stop by and taste Koch's Turkey Farms outstanding, surprising, revolutionary Cranberry Turkey Burger - see you in the meat department!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sold out in Vienna,Va!

Another 90 degree day, another demo for Koch's Turkey Farm. This weekend I'm in the lovely town of Vienna, Va., a suburb of Washington, DC, just a three hour drive from the farm. I parked in the sweltering lot and entered the store, where the meat team leader quickly greeted me and wished me luck. He was a busy guy, getting different cuts of meat ready for hungry weekend customers. As I set up my sampling station, I realized that the 6 cases of Cranberry Turkey burgers that were on order for this store had not arrived. I did have a dozen boxes on display in the frozen meat case, so I got busy and the delicious burgers sold out in just an hour! (See Pic)

I took a short break, 30 minutes or so, and then started cooking again - hoping that the tardy delivery would arrive soon. A few minutes later, I went to the receiving area to check for the product and was happy to find our turkey burgers were in the house! More sampling and a couple of hours later, many new customers took home the tasty patties and I was done for the day. I returned Saturday morning to spread the story of America's most exciting burger innovation - the Cranberry Turkey Burger from Koch's Turkey Farm! Needless to say, customers enthusiasm for the turkey patties was terrific and in another 3 hours, another sell out!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Final score: Fair Lakes 6 - Annapolis 5

I had a fantastic 4th of July weekend at Whole Foods stores in Annapolis, Maryland and Fair Lakes, Virginia, sampling our all American Cranberry Turkey burger! Shoppers swarmed into their local Whole Foods markets, shopping lists in hand, getting their pantries ready for holiday cookouts. Hundreds of the soon to be revelers took a moment to taste the amazing Cranberry Turkey burger from Koch's Turkey Farm - and they weren't disappointed. Among the scores of sales, there was one family that took home 4 boxes themselves (that's 16 of the 4 oz. burgers!) After the sales blitz was concluded, I tallied 6 cases sold in Fair Lakes and 5 cases sold in Annapolis. You can see from my grin that I was very pleased with the results as was Jessica, WFM Demo specialist - Annapolis.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Annapolis, MD and Fairlakes, VA for the 4th of July weekend!

Friday, July 2nd the Koch's Turkey Farm demo stand will be at Whole Foods Market in Annapolis, MD. Heading into a busy holiday weekend should be a perfect time to sample our Cranberry Turkey burgers to busy Annapolitans. Saturday the 3rd, you can catch a bite of the delicious, nutritious turkey burger at Fairlakes Whole Foods in Fairfax, VA.

Let me just say that while we gather with family and friends this 4th of July, let's count among our blessings the freedom that we continue to enjoy as Americans. The service men and women that protect our freedom are on the front line - so keep them in your thoughts and raise a glass to their courage and committment, shown every day on a desert battlefield far, far away.