Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tasty Tuesday in North Wales, PA

Most frozen poultry products in grocery stores these days are loaded with salt as a way of producing the most important attribute in any food, the elusive element called 'flavor'. The Koch's Turkey Farm Cranberry Turkey Burger by contrast has just 60 mg of sodium in a 4 oz. patty! That would be the naturally occuring level, because we only added dried cranberries to lean ground turkey and left out the salt! We let the true turkey flavor shine through...just last night in North Wales, PA (north of Philly) a fan of the Koch's Cranberry Turkey Burger had her fill and raved about the low sodium content of the item.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Virginia on a cool, crisp December weekend

Richmond and Charlottesville, VA Whole Foods Markets hosted my sampling efforts this December weekend for the Cranberry Turkey burger from Koch's Turkey Farm. Great nutrition, easy preparation and a coupon helped to sell 40 plus boxes of the lightly sweet burgers at each store. A mango chutney and a honey mustard sauce played supporting roles in winning over interested shoppers.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

2 great days in 2 terrific stores...

Friday in Reston, Va we had a great time sampling Koch's Organic Turkey Bacon with a side of sirloin steak! The store had a one day special on the steak, so Roger, the meat dept. manager, gave me cuts of sirloin which I sauteed along with the turkey bacon, also on sale. I put out samples of turkey bacon and steak on toothpicks to the delight of Whole Foods shoppers. The result - a sellout and many happy customers, like this man who got the last pack of organic turkey bacon...

Saturday in nearby Falls Church Virginia, another opportunity presented itself. After observing the in-store stock levels of our turkey bacon and Cranberry turkey burgers,I decided to do a tag team demo with burgers and bacon! Once again a great response from shoppers brought a sellout of not one Koch's Turkey Farm item, but two! This smiling staffer and all team members at Whole Foods were partners in my success - thanks to all!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yes Virginia, there is a tasty Organic Turkey Bacon...

Many years ago, a wise newspaper editor at the Baltimore Sun told a young reader that there was indeed a Santa Claus. Her name was Virginia and she had only to believe in the magic of Christmas and it would be so....Santa and all.

Well, for those of you that can't believe that there is a tasty turkey bacon, tomorrow, in the DC suburb of Reston, Virginia, I'll be sampling just such an item, Koch's Organic Turkey Bacon. Stop by the Whole Foods Market for a bite and see for yourself what a great turkey bacon should taste like! You will be a believer, I promise. Repeat performance on Saturday, when I'll be in the Tysons Corner WFM in nearby Falls Church with my electric skillet at the ready.