Thursday, February 24, 2011

What was happening every 7 minutes?

The Whole Foods Market in Wynnewood, PA had it's 'Grand Re-opening' last night and the house was packed. Shoppers of all ages roamed the aisles, going from one sampling station to the next, filling their carts (and their mouths) with a variety of foods. I was situated in the meat department, right near the display of Cranberry Turkey Burgers.

Every 7 minutes another batch of the slightly sweet burgers came out of the skillet, steaming fresh from their searing time in a splash of canola oil. Every 7 minutes, another customer found a food they loved, a food combo that they had tasted before - Turkey and Cranberries. This was different, this was a burger and it was love at first bite.....just ask Tessa of Wynnewood. (see pic)

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